July 13, 2011

The Gathering Place

My family met for a reunion at Red Cedar Lodge near Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah last weekend.  It was a different location from previous years, but we found the accommodations to be quite appealing. 

Probably the most exciting difference was the access to a nearby pond.  That was the source of a majority of our family recreation.  It provided opportunities for Jason to fish in the mornings and evenings (as pictured above), there were plenty of paddle boats and canoes, and a zipline ran across the middle of the pond.  For those brave enough to immerse themselves in the water, it was a shockingly cool experience. (When exiting the zipline, however, I highly recommend the biting cold of the water over biffing it on the hard, muddy banks.  I'm just saying!)

Brevin                                                                                Spencer            

Amber                                                                                    Jason        

The lodge was nestled in a beautiful wooded area, but there was also a large grassy field that was perfect for the plastic car coaster, badminton tournaments, treasure hunts, and water balloon fights.

Of course, the best part of this type of family reunion was all the visiting, game playing, getting to stay up late, and then having a sleepover in the cabin, complete with sleeping bags and cousins. 

What a memorable get together!

This post authored by Amber


Heather Child said...

How did your family find that place? Looks like a really great time!

Joy said...

What a blast! I really like the Jason fishing photo!

Pickle said...

Had fun reading all your posts, love the fishing picture of Jason, that is a good picture! Yes, you are supermom, that is an amazing cake!

The Fears said...

that looks like a fun location. I will have to get the details for one of our family gathering if it is available.