July 5, 2011

Happ-Wii Birthday, Spencer

Spencer is charming and he has this incredible ability to pick things up quickly.  Whether it is a new sport, a video game, a math concept, or a reading skill, he makes learning new things look effortless. He does them with control and impressive agility.  He is also very well-rounded with many interests and talents ranging from sports to academics.  He has a quirky sense of humor and likes a good joke and to pull a good prank (but he doesn't like to be on the receiving end of a prank).  He makes funny faces, silly noises, and has a language of gibberish that he sometimes speaks in.  He also has an uncanny ability to memorize lyrics to songs and lines of movies.  He's very entertaining with all the attention-getting qualities of a second-born child, and we can't imagine our family without him.  You know, spending seven years with a person can really make you attached!

Spencer's Friend Birthday Party

Spencer loves to play Wii. I think it is because he is quite good at it. He happily selected to have his birthday party with friends be a Wii party. There were plenty of ideas online for this type of party. I found this great printable for a Wii remote control box. We decided to make it the envelope in which the invitations were placed. I used this website to create Mii characters to download on the computer that matched the features of the Mii characters already programed into the Wii console for each person invited to the party. Those characters were used for invitations, party favor bags, and a template for the cake. The only decorations I made effort to make were giant buttons to place on our front door to make it look like a Wii remote. These are boys, after all.

As for the cake....well, if you think I'd be crazy to try and make Mii characters for all the boys attending the party out of marshmallow fondant to put on the cake, you'd be right.  And where were you to talk me out of this crazy cake concept?  You were probably in bed while I started this late in the evening and worked on it until the wee hours of the morning!  Never again!  But then again, Spencer will never be seven again, so I'm okay with my mistake.  Plus, the boys had so much fun eating their own faces, it made all the hard work worth it.

Now before you go thinking I am a super-terrific mom or something, I must let you know that, aside from the cake, this was the laziest birthday party ever from a parent's standpoint.  The kids came in, we opened presents, they played Wii, we ate cake, they played more Wii, they got bored, they jumped on the trampoline, we gave them some sandwiches, chips, and a Capri Sun, and they went home.  It was super simple.  These are boys, after all.

Spencer's "Family Fiesta"

Spencer kind-of has a fascination with the Spanish language.  He will sometimes watch entire movies in Spanish if they have a language option, and he gets excited to tell me if he hears someone speaking in Spanish when we are out in public.  He also likes to count in Spanish, but I don't think he knows many words yet. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to serve fried ice-cream and tres de leche cake for his extended family party. We also gave him our gifts on that night even though it was two days before his birthday.  We couldn't wait to give him his new bike any longer.  His knees were hitting the handlebars on the old one.

Spencer's Birthday Dinner & Breakfast

The Monday before his birthday, Spencer got to choose where we would go out to eat as a family.  We were planning to go to Lehi Trafalga as well, but his stitches got infected and we had an emergency appointment to have them removed.  Because they were taken out early, he was instructed that he could not bend his knee at all and that laser tag and rock wall climbing were simply out of the question.  We had a family Wii night instead, and he was satisfied.

On the actual day of his birthday I made Spencer's breakfast of choice--German pancakes.  This was a treat for all the family who have become quite accustomed to having cold cereal for breakfast.

Spencer's Last T-Ball Game & Birthday Celebration

Because Spencer had his final t-ball game on his birthday, we did all of the celebrating on the days leading up to his actual birth date.  The final celebratory act came at the end of the game where I had purposely signed up to bring treats to his team.  We had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate milk. The boys sang Happy Birthday and brought all the partying to a suitable conclusion.

Happy Seventh Birthday, Spencer!

This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

It's amazing how much celebrating you guys do for each birthday! it's awesome!

The Fears said...

Corbin loved the party too. Its nice, the boys entertain themselves quite well especially with the wii and some friends. I love the door, I didn't see that when I dropped off Corbin, I think the boys were standing in front waiting. fun stuff.

Kelly Austen said...

Love your ideas!! Would you be willing to share your printable for the front door?? My son is having a Wii party tomorrow! If so, kellyausten2@gmail.com
Thanks in advance. :)