April 30, 2008

Jason is 33

I was given tickets to the Utah Blaze game on the 18th. Greg and Collin, Brad and Parker, and Brevin and I witnessed our first AFL game, with Utah losing for the 8th time this season. They had several mascots from around Utah there for various acts during the timeouts and halftime, and Cosmo got booed by all the idiotic Utah Ute fans. We all cheered for him though.

The next day was my B-day and we celebrated with a trip to Tucanos. Later, Amber and the boys sent me on a Pirate's quest as I had to follow the clues on a treasure map to find all my gifts. Amber continued her tradition of making an awesome cake, which was a treasure chest filled with "gold" (rolos).

April 1, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a fun easter this year. The boys enjoyed coloring eggs, and they couldn't even wait until they were dry before asking if they could eat one. Enjoy the pics below...