June 22, 2008

Adventures of a One Month Old

Garrett turned 1 month old on June 12th. Time is flying by and we sure do enjoy having another handsome boy in our family.

On the 13th he started to violently throw up everything he ate. We thought maybe he caught a bug and that we would just see how he was in a couple of days. By day three (Father's Day) he still couldn't hold anything down and was starting to look dehydrated. We took him to the doctor first thing Monday and he was diagnosed with Pyloric stenosis (with an ultrasound confirming at Utah Valley). The fix for this was a trip to Primary Children's Hostipal in SLC where he was admitted Monday night, and had surgery on Tuesday. Despite everything he was going through, Garrett seemed just as mellow as can be. You wouldn't have known anything was wrong with him. Long story short, the surgery went well, and we got to take him home on Wednesday night. He is now back to his healthy eating (and pooping) habits.

This is a picture of him right after surgery.

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June 11, 2008

Major Funk Honored with Posthumous Degree

Brad was given a Master's Degree last Friday, June 6th. Here is a link to the news story/video.

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