November 25, 2008

A Feast for Two

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, we had a reenactment of the first celebration in Plymouth for Spencer's preschool. Spencer assumed the role of Native American (although he calls it "Indian") and Audrey was our little pilgrim girl. We made homemade butter by shaking baby food containers filled with whipping cream. After that, we worked on making chocolate, no-bake cookies ('cause, you know, you always hear about all the "poop cookies" served at the first Thanksgiving) and then we feasted upon delicacies such as deli ham, cranberry sauce, strawberries, Kix cereal, Dora the Explorer fruit snacks, and the like. Sounds like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to me. That's fitting, I suppose, since Spencer's cousin, Harrison, has recently referred to Spencer's round head as looking like a Charlie Brown head.

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Bring On Basketball

After a disappointing showing from the Cougar football team on Saturday, we'd like to move on to more pleasant subjects...

...How 'bout Cougar basketball? I know. I, too, was shocked to hear that the basketball season had arrived already! Usually we don't get into it that much, but when you're given tickets to attend the games, you've gotta go! Jason went to a pre-season game with his dad. He and I later enjoyed a taste of the Cougar Club "lifestyle" with court-side seating, pre-game dinner, and catered snacks at half-time for the first home game. We brought Garrett along since we knew we could easily get a photo with Cosmo while there. Brevin and Spencer got their turn to go with Jason the following week. BYU has managed a win at each event, so perhaps the basketball season will end on a happier note. One can only hope!
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November 14, 2008


Life with children seems to be measured in milestones, and when the next one is reached, it seems to happen much too quickly. It is challenging for me to come to terms with the fact that I am posting about Garrett turning six months old--a significant milestone, to be sure! It is also with mixed emotions that we celebrate this half-year marker. While I pine for the days when Garrett will sleep soundly through the night (or even for a solid five hours. Is that asking too much?), I realize that will likely come at the expense of the darling, newborn things he is doing now. Yes, I am still trying hard to force upon him the title of newborn!

For instance, Garrett is a noisy little eater. He always grunts, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm..." with each mouthful of food placed therein. His little noises are appropriately accompanied with hands held high in the air, in constant motion. With his wrists flailing and fingers contracting and releasing, it looks as if he's trying to rev a motorcycle or milk a cow sideways. It is pretty cute! What isn't so cute is the piercing scream of protest when the plate is empty and the meal concluded. Insert beloved pacifier!

Garrett continues to grow and develop nicely. He is strong enough to pull himself up to sitting position, but cannot sit unassisted just yet. His fine motor skills are also fine tuning as he now reaches for things and effortlessly draws them to his mouth (namely, beloved pacifier). He has a very strong grip. I know from experience and from having to pry his fingers open frequently to free the large amounts of my hair that he manages to grab.

The things I enjoy most about him are the little displays that give insight into his personality. He's kind of a "Mama's Boy." While he tolerates others holding him, he does have his preference (and sometimes he'll make it known). This is my reliable excuse for not getting much done during the day. He likes to be held, and most particularly by me. It is probably also the thing that makes it hardest to watch him grow up, knowing someday he'll want to let go. So, in the meantime, I am enjoying every bit of our precious bonding time together, even if it does come at 1:30 a.m. (and 2:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and....)!

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November 6, 2008

Halloween Festivities

For our family, the holiday of Halloween is spread out over the course of at least a week (and then I give myself two weeks to post something about it). The boys wanted to do a different costume for each event they participated. Costumes included monkeys, a baseball player, Ben 10, clowns, Indiana Jones, and Robin.

We kicked off the celebrating with the Park family party on Monday. I took the boys to story time at the library on Wednesday, where they were able to dress up, trick-or-treat, and listen to stories told by witches.

Thursday was the kindergarten Halloween concert, and the children were encouraged to dress up for that. Grandma and Grandpa Park attended and brought Addilyn along to hear thirty minutes worth of singing and poetry reciting performed by seventy-five or so wiggly kindergartners. It was quite entertaining!

Thursday evening, we began the task of cleaning out and carving pumpkins. Friday included a party at school for Brevin followed by trick-or-treating at Dad's work. For dinner, we celebrated with a traditional dinner-in-a-pumpkin served with homemade root beer and pumpkin cake.

Finally the boys were off with Dad to canvas the adjacent streets while I stayed back with Garrett to pass out candy and accept compliments for our carved pumpkins from amazed trick-or-treaters. We got the boys home, bathed, and in bed by eight-thirty! Yes, I'd say it was a perfect Halloween night!

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November 5, 2008

From This...To That

We were able to harvest eight pumpkins from our garden this year, and as you all know (or at least you will after reading this post), Jason is a master pumpkin carver. I'm not kidding--just take a look for yourself! The great thing is, he is passing on his passion for gourd art to his progeny. Brevin had a terrific time carving for the first time, and his pumpkins didn't turn out half bad, either.

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