November 3, 2006

Halloween 2006

Seems like it was just Halloween and Brevin and Spencer were Naploeon and Pedro.

This year, Brevin decided he wanted to be a Pirate, so naturally I had to find pirate patterns to carve the pumpkins. Spencer wasn't too picky and kept going back and forth between Elmo and a clown, and eventually ended up being both. Elmo during the day while he went trick or treating at my office, and a clown at night while trick or treating in the neighborhood. I also found a pattern of Lightning McQueen which is Spencer's favorite, so I carved him a Lightning pumpkin. I ended up being the floor of a movie theatre while Amber was gum stuck under a shoe.

My pirate pumpkins won 3rd place this year, which now marks 5 years in a row that I've placed in the contest. A little extra cash isn't too bad.

October 5, 2006

Cabin Trip - September 15, 16

Some friends in our ward were kind enough to let the whole Park family recreate at their cabin for a weekend. The last weekend of the summer turned out looking like the last weekend of fall. It started raining Friday afternoon and quickly turned to snow. We woke up to 6-8 inches of snow.

It was still a lot of fun though, with plenty to do inside. Ping pong, pool, fusball, and of course the big screen TV to watch BYU give up a win against Boston College. The kids also had fun taking a 4 wheeler ride in the snow.

August 25, 2006

Uintas - Washington Lake

We had an awesome time on our 4 day Uinta camping trip. We left on the morning of the 9th and were able to pick out a really nice camp spot. We camped at Washington Lake near the Crystal Lake trailhead. Brevin did a lot of riding his bike while Spencer followed close behind pushing his lawnmower.

That first evening, we tried our luck fishing Crystal Lake and low and behold, Brevin caught the first fish of the night on his new pole. Spencer thought it was pretty cool to touch its eyeball, but wasn't too thrilled when it started flipping around (see the photo album).

The next day (10th) I took off on an early morning hike up the Cliff Lake trail to Cliff Lake, Watson Lake, Petite Lake, Clyde Lake and Booker Lake. I caught a couple of nice ones at Watson, and had some luck at Cliff as well. Later that day we took the boys on the 1 mile trek to Wall Lake and they had a blast wading in the lake and throwing rocks. On the way back to camp, Brevin got to ride some dudes' horse named Cotton for a brief minute. More fishing at Crystal Lake that evening and I banged 'em like crazy.

I fished Crystal again the next morning (11th) and caught about a dozen in 45 minutes. Had the whole lake to myself on a beautiful morning. That day we had a picnic at Bald Mountain, and then just hung out at camp and colored, played with play-dough, and Brev and Spenc played with some kids who were camped in the spot next to us. More fishing at Crystal that evening.

Saturday morning (12th) we did more hanging out and slowly started to pack up. We didn't want to leave after having a ton of fun. We pulled out after lunch and stopped off at the Upper Provo River Falls for a couple of pics.

We'll do it again next year, this time for the whole week.

Photo Album

June 22, 2006

Art City Days

Art City Days in Springville has come and gone, and we enjoyed a lot of the things that were going on around the city.

Spencer won 2nd place in the Baby contest for the 21-24 month boys and got to have his picture and blurb in the newspaper (Brevin won 3rd place in the same age category 2 years ago).

We also went to the carnival and rode a few of the kiddie rides, and went to the parade on the last day. That night we watched the fireworks from on top of the foot hills above our house.

First Campout of 2006

We finally dusted off the tent trailer and pulled it up Hobble Creek canyon for an overnight campout at Jolley's ranch on May 26, 27. Both Brevin and Spencer were excited to finally get a chance to camp in the trailer after a long sit through the winter.

Brev took his bike and rode it up and down the dirt road while Spence followed behind pushing his lawn mower. We also threw rocks in Hobble Creek and hiked around a bit. We plan to go to the Uintas for a couple nights around the first week of Aug. I'm aching to fish the lakes up there now that they have opened the Mirror Lake highway.

Just a quick update on the basement since I haven't posted in ages. Basically it's all wired, sheet rocked, taped/textured and painted. Doors are on, and we now need to put tile in the bathroom and laundry room, finish the shower, get a toilet and sink/vanity. Then carpet the rest of the basement. Not a whole lot left to do, but not a whole lot of money left either. Bits and pieces at a time I guess.

February 10, 2006

Christmas/New Year's

A lot has happened since I last posted. December was a busy month for us. It started off with moving everything out of our basement into the garage so that we could start framing. It's now all framed and we are ready to install the heat ducts and then run all the wiring for lights and power. Tax return money will hopefully pay for most of the cost to finish it. It sure will be nice to double the amount of space we are currently living in upstairs.

Christmas this year found us in Cedar City and St. George with Amber's family. We couldn't brag to people that we were going down to enjoy the nice short sleeve weather that St. George had to offer because it was just about as nice here in Springville. We had a good visit with family and ate lots of good food. Santa Claus brought Brevin and Spencer each a lightsaber, some books, new clothes and a few other things. The snow didn't come until after we had returned home so we had to have a snowball fight in the back yard.

New Year's Eve was just another night with getting kids in the bath and to bed. Brevin and Spencer did get new pajamas and of course had to model them.