November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 Reconstructed

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20:  Halloween festivities kicked off at the annual Park Family Halloween Party held at Greg and Tilly's house.  Recent dealings with road construction projects in Springville and on I-15 inspired our family themed costume this year (and also inspired Craig and Heather, as they came dressed with the same concept).

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22:  Jason left in the afternoon to campout prior to opening day of the deer hunt.  I took the boys to the annual Ward Chili Cookoff and braved one of the three-alarm chili entries as well as braved taking three boys to a ward function without reinforcement. Not good...oh, but the chili was lovely!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23: With Jason gone for the entire day, I costumed the boys and packed them in the van for a day trip to Ogden for cousin Addie's birthday. The visit with family and cupcakes were well worth making the trip. We arrived home late that evening (as did Jason).


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24:  After church, Jason left to head back up to the deer camp.  Hail and fierce winds pounded the windows all night and Brevin ended up in the room with me sleeping on the floor. I was enjoying hogging the whole bed to myself too much to let him join me.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26:  Snow storms and unfavorable forecasts caused the deer hunters to break camp early and bring trailers home while the roads were passable.  The timing was nice, because it allowed Jason to be back in the afternoon in time for Spencer's kindergarten Halloween program.  Spencer did us parents proud by singing his little heart out from the back row.  He knew every single word and choreographed gesture of every song, and he garnered the praise from his teacher for being a great performer. After the program, Jason returned to the mountains for an evening hunt while I commenced making cupcakes for Brevin's class party.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27: Jason left early in the morning for the final day of the deer hunt.  I finished preparations for Brevin's class party which I had signed up to be in charge of. (Don't ask me why I thought that was a good idea!)  I made rat and cheese cupcakes inspired by this amazing book, we played pass the rat, and party favors that included stretchy rats were given to the children.  I'm kind of a sucker for themes. After the party, the whole school did a costume parade and the children were excused to leave early.


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 (CONTINUED):  Once home from school, we got a phone call to meet Jason at the meat locker to see the deer that he nabbed this year.  I opted to wait outside with Garrett while the boys went in and watched the deer have its head removed.  It's not the sights that are so bothersome, but the smells that I was concerned about.  I'm sorry, but that place stinks!  We got home, cleaned up, and Jason suggested the whole family go out to dinner.  I did not protest in the least.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29:  School was out for the children which conveniently allowed us to go into Jason's work to trick-or-treat.  After canvasing each floor of the nine story building, the boys were exhausted and their buckets were full.  While there, the costume contest judging committee insisted that Jason enter the contest.  As he was the only employee among our group, he was included in the individual category for most creative. We were considered his "props" (I know!  That's stretching it a bit). It turned out to be worth forcing our overtired, overstimulated children to stay for the judging since Jason won second place and was awarded a cash prize.  Cha-ching!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30: We spent the morning carving pumpkins and I spent the rest of the day preparing the traditional family Halloween feast of dinner in a pumpkin.  After our elaborate meal, we bundled the kids, waited out the hailstorm, and then Jason and the boys went off into the drizzly night for more trick-or-treating.  I stayed home to pass out treats, quite relieved to know that we were on the holiday "home stretch."


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31:  With Sunday being the actual day of Halloween, I tried a recipe for pumpkin pancakes that I found from this website.  I will pass this tip along, though.  If you decide to make the black cinnamon syrup, cook it only until it barely starts to thicken.  I cooked it a bit longer and it turned out to have a sludgy consistency that was reminiscent of black snot.  While grossly appropriate for the holiday being celebrated, it was deemed as inedible by my children.  But we did have a bit of fun decorating our pancakes.

Whew. We survived Halloween! (Did you survive reading that long post?) Now the real question is, are we going to survive the ongoing road construction?!

This post authored by Amber