August 25, 2006

Uintas - Washington Lake

We had an awesome time on our 4 day Uinta camping trip. We left on the morning of the 9th and were able to pick out a really nice camp spot. We camped at Washington Lake near the Crystal Lake trailhead. Brevin did a lot of riding his bike while Spencer followed close behind pushing his lawnmower.

That first evening, we tried our luck fishing Crystal Lake and low and behold, Brevin caught the first fish of the night on his new pole. Spencer thought it was pretty cool to touch its eyeball, but wasn't too thrilled when it started flipping around (see the photo album).

The next day (10th) I took off on an early morning hike up the Cliff Lake trail to Cliff Lake, Watson Lake, Petite Lake, Clyde Lake and Booker Lake. I caught a couple of nice ones at Watson, and had some luck at Cliff as well. Later that day we took the boys on the 1 mile trek to Wall Lake and they had a blast wading in the lake and throwing rocks. On the way back to camp, Brevin got to ride some dudes' horse named Cotton for a brief minute. More fishing at Crystal Lake that evening and I banged 'em like crazy.

I fished Crystal again the next morning (11th) and caught about a dozen in 45 minutes. Had the whole lake to myself on a beautiful morning. That day we had a picnic at Bald Mountain, and then just hung out at camp and colored, played with play-dough, and Brev and Spenc played with some kids who were camped in the spot next to us. More fishing at Crystal that evening.

Saturday morning (12th) we did more hanging out and slowly started to pack up. We didn't want to leave after having a ton of fun. We pulled out after lunch and stopped off at the Upper Provo River Falls for a couple of pics.

We'll do it again next year, this time for the whole week.

Photo Album