November 3, 2006

Halloween 2006

Seems like it was just Halloween and Brevin and Spencer were Naploeon and Pedro.

This year, Brevin decided he wanted to be a Pirate, so naturally I had to find pirate patterns to carve the pumpkins. Spencer wasn't too picky and kept going back and forth between Elmo and a clown, and eventually ended up being both. Elmo during the day while he went trick or treating at my office, and a clown at night while trick or treating in the neighborhood. I also found a pattern of Lightning McQueen which is Spencer's favorite, so I carved him a Lightning pumpkin. I ended up being the floor of a movie theatre while Amber was gum stuck under a shoe.

My pirate pumpkins won 3rd place this year, which now marks 5 years in a row that I've placed in the contest. A little extra cash isn't too bad.

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