February 10, 2006

Christmas/New Year's

A lot has happened since I last posted. December was a busy month for us. It started off with moving everything out of our basement into the garage so that we could start framing. It's now all framed and we are ready to install the heat ducts and then run all the wiring for lights and power. Tax return money will hopefully pay for most of the cost to finish it. It sure will be nice to double the amount of space we are currently living in upstairs.

Christmas this year found us in Cedar City and St. George with Amber's family. We couldn't brag to people that we were going down to enjoy the nice short sleeve weather that St. George had to offer because it was just about as nice here in Springville. We had a good visit with family and ate lots of good food. Santa Claus brought Brevin and Spencer each a lightsaber, some books, new clothes and a few other things. The snow didn't come until after we had returned home so we had to have a snowball fight in the back yard.

New Year's Eve was just another night with getting kids in the bath and to bed. Brevin and Spencer did get new pajamas and of course had to model them.

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