November 6, 2008

Halloween Festivities

For our family, the holiday of Halloween is spread out over the course of at least a week (and then I give myself two weeks to post something about it). The boys wanted to do a different costume for each event they participated. Costumes included monkeys, a baseball player, Ben 10, clowns, Indiana Jones, and Robin.

We kicked off the celebrating with the Park family party on Monday. I took the boys to story time at the library on Wednesday, where they were able to dress up, trick-or-treat, and listen to stories told by witches.

Thursday was the kindergarten Halloween concert, and the children were encouraged to dress up for that. Grandma and Grandpa Park attended and brought Addilyn along to hear thirty minutes worth of singing and poetry reciting performed by seventy-five or so wiggly kindergartners. It was quite entertaining!

Thursday evening, we began the task of cleaning out and carving pumpkins. Friday included a party at school for Brevin followed by trick-or-treating at Dad's work. For dinner, we celebrated with a traditional dinner-in-a-pumpkin served with homemade root beer and pumpkin cake.

Finally the boys were off with Dad to canvas the adjacent streets while I stayed back with Garrett to pass out candy and accept compliments for our carved pumpkins from amazed trick-or-treaters. We got the boys home, bathed, and in bed by eight-thirty! Yes, I'd say it was a perfect Halloween night!

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