October 27, 2008

Park Family Halloween Party

Every Halloween the Park family has a party to showcase family costumes, play Ghost Bingo and Pass the Rat, and to eat great food, of course. This has always been a favorite tradition that we all look forward to each year. I think my biggest anticipation is to see what everyone will come up with for costume ideas. The family did not disappoint (as you will see from the pictures below). Some of the costumes were themed. Our family was a bunch of monkeys and a banana, Heather and Craig came as Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, Greg and Tilly's family were the Ghostbusters with Coulter as the Marshmallow man, and my personal favorite was Noell and Jason who came as John McCain and Sarah Palin. They even took time for a photo opt. with "Joe the Plumber."

This Post authored by Amber


Pickle said...

I love all the costumes and what a fun group of people-The Parks! I can't get anyone in my extended family to dress up! I'm jealous.

Tahiti Chick said...

I always remember halloweens in Utah as a marvelous opportunity to see Amber in the sweetest costumes. ;) I hope you'll put some pictures of pumpkin carving as well!!!

erin said...

I just found out about the passing of Brad. I knew him when I was living in San Antonio, back in the early 90s. I think I met him at a dance or EFY. Anyway, we went out, and he was so nice. I am so sorry about his passing. I lived in Burkburnett for many years while my Dad was stationed at Sheppard and working as an Instructor Pilot, flying those same planes.