October 27, 2008

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

At the beginning of the month, Brevin bit into a plum and quickly complained of tooth pain. When he indicated to me which tooth he hurt, I became a bit suspicious. What I had suspected was confirmed when I reached into his mouth and gave the tooth a little wiggle. It didn't move much, but it was definitely loose. Over the course of the following weeks there were daily requests to, "feel my loose tooth!" as it was slowly being worked to the point of extraction. Well, Friday morning (October 24th) at 3:30 am, Brevin was out of bed and in the bathroom. He then came into my room and woke me with, "Mom. I need you to check something out!"

In his hand he held the tiny tooth. He had awaken in the night, and while laying in bed, decided to pull it out himself. It certainly was not the traumatic ordeal I remembered during my childhood teeth-pulling experiences, and there wasn't any bleeding either. To cap it all off, the tooth fairy visited Brevin and left him with a personalized letter and a gold coin dollar!

This post authored by Amber


Mandy said...

Congratulations! The tooth fairy is so fun!

Tahiti Chick said...

I used to love the tooth fairy :) that's awesome

Heather said...

It's nice to know (or is it?) that with the cost of everything else going up, the tooth fairy takes that into consideration. I never got a dollar for one of my teeth :)