October 27, 2008

Addison's First Birthday

It seems like yesterday when Brad had phoned to tell me that his baby girl had been born. As I recall, it had been a long labor for Jenny, but the baby finally arrived safe and sound...Addison Elanor Funk. "Does she have a lot of hair?" I inquired. "Yes, but not as much as Sophie," came the response. I suppose that's not saying much. I've never seen a baby with more hair than Sophie, but Addie had a lot of hair by most standards.

Well, now a year has come and gone and we found ourselves in Farr West to celebrate. I have to say, Addie was probably the most entertaining baby to see eat her cake! As we watched her grunt and pull the cake in close so her sister couldn't swipe at the frosting (all the while smearing frosting across the front of her onesie that read, "Daddy's Little Girl"), I couldn't help but think, Brad must be watching this and cracking up right now! What a fun party and certainly worth the trip!

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Heather said...

What a little sweetie!