July 5, 2011

Parading Around Town

We love the festivities of Art City Days.  Some years we participate in many of the events offered.  Other years...not so much, but we nearly always have the children's parade and Grand parade on our agenda of things to do each year.

For the children's parade, the boys like to wear costumes. I dressed up this year as a monkey and pushed Ella, my baby banana, in the stroller. Garrett was obliging and donned the clown costume, thus continuing tradition. Each of my boys has done that now. Brevin and Spencer chose to go the Marvel Comic character route. They looked pretty cool with their masks. After the parade, Grandma and Grandpa Park took us all to lunch at Burgers Supreme.  That was fabulous!

For the Grand parade, Jason happened to find a great spot for spectating.  We had a front row seat for catching candy and for Garrett to charm all of the beauty queens by running up to wave to them.  I was glad that the weather was quite pleasant for sitting at a parade, and Ella enjoyed a nap from the comfort of her baby sling.

Well, until next year!

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Joy said...

We saw you guys from afar at the bike parade. I loved it that you all dressed up. Ella is so precious!