July 5, 2011

We Have a New Hob-BEE

It's official!  We are beekeepers.  We've been meaning to be for quite some time.  We've even had the boxes waiting in our garage for a number of years.  So when Jason's brother let him know he discovered a swarm to be captured (while I was gone to St. George), it was a pretty simple process to collect the bees and bring them to the spot we had reserved for them in our backyard.

Upon our first hive inspection, we determined that we have Golden Italians, and they are a very gentle variety.  With our new bees, we hope to reap the benefits of increased garden production and maybe even harvest some honey.  At the very least, we have really enjoyed observing the bees.  They are fascinating!

This post authored by Amber

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Joy said...

This is so crazy & awesome!! Dibs on some honey.