July 5, 2011

Doing Our Best To Wipe Out Our Cafeteria Funds for 2011

Not to be outdone by Brevin, Spencer had a leg injury of his own to put on the record for what may go down as the most medically expensive year for our family to date (and just in time for "Obama Care").  Fortunately, his injury occurred in the early hours of the day, and so I could take him to our pediatrician's office rather than Instacare or an emergency room.

So here's all the sordid details with gruesome pictures to accompany:

 While at Seven Peaks Waterpark, Spencer tripped on some cement stairs that were leading from a lower pool to an upper one.  He hit his knee hard, causing the wet skin to split open.  I saw him clutching his leg in pain from across the pool, and I called out to him to come over to me.  Brevin was right next to him exclaiming, "It's bad! He's going to need stitches."  Once I got a look at it, I agreed with Brevin's early diagnosis.  It didn't take a doctor to see he was going to need stitches.

I had Ella in the sling and so it was a bit precarious lifting Spencer in a cradle hold to carry him to the first aid station.  In my rush, I yelled over my shoulder to Brevin to get Garrett and bring him along behind us.  Once I handed Spencer over to the EMTs, I turned to see Brevin...without Garrett!

Now the emergency had evolved into a catastrophe.  Garrett is not easy to find in a public location because he gives no indication that he is lost.  I cannot listen for his distraught cries, and a passerby wouldn't pay any attention to child happily about his own business.  After canvasing the over-crowded facility a number of times, we resorted to sending out an emergency call to all the lifeguards on duty with Garrett's description.  Thirty minutes or more of searching produced my darling, albeit daring, three year-old child, and we could continue to attend to Spencer.  (And I could more easily pretend to be calm for Spencer's sake.)

Well, Spencer got his knee all stitched up with a grand total of eleven sutchers. I must say, the kid is tough and he handled everything very well. The doctor even mentioned how impressed she was with his ability to endure the pain of the ordeal. Now, the real challenge is keeping Spencer's activity limited so the wound on his knee can heal (and to try to keep Garrett from running off on his own in crowded places)!

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Heather Child said...

We had one of those most expensive medical years last year...thank goodness the baby comes this year or we'd be in trouble!

Glad he's doing better!