March 31, 2011

Viewer Discretion Advised

Brevin, just before being wheeled back into the room for stitches

Last Wednesday, I sent Brevin out the door for his weekly Cub Scout activity, knowing he would have an exciting time because he got to go bowling at BYU. Boy, was it ever exciting, but not exactly for the reasons I had imagined!

I got a phone call from an obviously shaken leader who informed me that during the "behind the alley" tour, Brevin had somehow slipped and cut his shin. I asked if she felt that he might need stitches, and she informed me that she didn't know because she couldn't bring herself to look at the wound. Well, if it is bad enough that you can't look at it, then it likely will need stitches was my thought. I told her that I would call Jason and have him pick Brevin up on his way home from work since he was closest to the BYU campus. In the meantime, the other leader called to talk to me and said she had been applying pressure to the cut until the EMTs came, and that it was to the bone. Not being able to assess how bad the situation was myself,  I asked if we would be fine to take him to the Instacare (it was after hours for our doctor's office at this point). The EMTs said that would be fine, so that's where I directed Jason to go.

Jason carried him out and drove him to the Springville Instacare, and I loaded the kids up in the van so I could meet them there to take him the camera. I didn't go back into the room with Brevin, so I didn't see just how bad the cut was, but from the pictures and the number of stitches required,  I was able to surmise the seriousness of the laceration. (I did, however, see the blood drenched sock that Brevin wanted to keep at a memento.)

I guess more than anything, Brevin was nervous about the idea of having to get stitches. The doctor had to constantly reassure him that it was going to be just fine. He distracted Brevin with talk of basketball and Jimmer Fredette (the doctor happened to be one of Jimmer's team physician's), and he stitched Brevin up with "Cougar blue" thread. There were twelve stitches in all, four internal and eight external.

Well, we all survived the ordeal and returned home to a 7:00 p.m. dinner of chicken enchiladas that had to be reheated.  A special treat of root beer floats seemed to be in order (although we actually used cream soda instead).  I guess Brevin will now have to return to the bowling alley to complete his belt loop requirements.  I just don't think he'll be taking the tour anytime soon.

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Joy said...

OH MY GOODNESS. Bleh. That is so awfu1 and disgusting! No wonder the leader couldn't even look at it. Poor Brevin! Glad he was so brave for the stitches. And sounds like his parents were calm & collected, which always helps!

Pickle said...

YUCK! He is looking so brave and just like "no biggie" in all these pictures, what a little MAN!