March 24, 2011

I'm Not Irish (But You Can Kiss Me Anyway)

You know we love a reason to celebrate and do strange things with our food.  Someday I may try the more authentic corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, but for now I guess we'll stick with the green clover-shaped pancakes and green syrup.  Oh, and don't forget the fruit rainbow.  That was something we added to our annual menu last year.  And although the foods served may change over time, there is still an absolute constant.  We'll most definitely be takin' photos of the wee ones!

This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

It's impressive that you make time to celebrate, despite having a newborn! And such grown-up looking boys. Garrett seems like such a ham. Do people ever wonder if Brevin & Spencer are twins? 'Cause in their two individual photos they almost look like it!

Noell said...

Umm, that rainbow is the coolest thing I've ever seen... I may have to try that next year! And Garrett cracks me up with his silly face in that picture! What darling kids! I just love them!

Pickle said...

What a cute green family! And I love the rainbow, going to have to copy that next year. The green pancakes didn't go over well at my house so I love how excited all your boys look about them!! :)