March 9, 2011

Cookie Cutters

For those who may have doubted me when I said that all my babies have come out looking almost exactly the same, here are some pictures to support my claims.  (Okay, let's get real!  I know nobody questioned that fact in the first place.)





(I think you will also understand why the first thing I said when I saw Ella was, "She looks just like Garrett.")

It seems that even my first photos with my children have been the same, too!

I know. Crazy, huh?

This post authored by Amber


Pickle said...

Yes, crazy! But you when you have a perfect cookie cutter, why do need anything else?

Julie said...

Okay, you look WAY to good right after you give birth! My pictures would scare people :-). What a beautiful mom and beautiful babies! I hope you're having the best time with a little person who wears pink.
My not-so-little guy is currently measuring FIVE WEEKS ahead! No, I don't have gestational diabetes. I just appear to be giving birth to a baby elephant :-). It looks like he got the tall genes!
Love ya,

Jace said...

Holy. Seriously? Garrett and Ella look like they could've been TWINS!! I love it :) soooo cute!

Amber said...

It's a good thing you are all so cute! :) What's missing here? Oh yeah, Jason. Did he not fit the mold?

Heather Child said...

It really is so cute and amazing! But you know...I can totally look at those first pictures of all of them and see their own little looks...all so a like, but each a little different and unique. And it's so cute that you can see those little baby faces still in them all now and then.

CJ said...

HA! I really didn't see it, but boy was I wrong! They are all so stinkin' cute! Ella looks like herself, although I am curious to see how she compares to Garrett as a girl.

Joy said...

Let's picture Garrett with pigtails... yep, she'll be a cute little girl! Actually, I believe you have a a "baby girl Garrett" photo from that Where's Waldo thing. You could bust that out to see what Ella will look like! Good thing you took that picture. haahh! And yeah, you're always smiling after giving birth, and you always look hot, too. :)