April 7, 2011

Fooled Ya!

We try to discourage silly pranks at our house on April Fool's Day (you know the ones like, "Mom, look over there!  There's a car going by....April Fool's!).  Of course the boys' version of trickery is pretty harmless, but it is obnoxious to listen to for the entirety of a day. 

I don't ever want the day to slip by without a few edible pranks, however, so we had dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert. It's a tradition we started last year because I really wanted to try out some recipes from my brand new Hello, Cupcake! book.  I wanted to mix things up a bit and do a different cupcake this year. I thought the Chinese take-out concept was hilarious.  I added the element of a meatloaf cake that was "frosted" with mashed potatoes (that's a tradition of my sister's). 

The kids knew something was a little off when they saw the food and cupcakes, but no one suspected that their drink was actually red jell-o.  I think they were just so excited that we were having something other than water to drink.  They worked so hard to suck liquid through their straws; I wished I had gotten it on video.  Well, maybe they'll forget and I can catch it next year.  Or maybe not.  Either way, we sure had fun acting (and eating) like a bunch of fools!

Dessert for Dinner

Dinner for Dessert

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CJ said...

You are so creative, and these are so cute! Why have I never seen the meatloaf cake before? I am totally stealing it! For next year, when I have more energy. This year I was happy to get a shower... the next day.

Noell said...

You never cease to amaze me!! That is the coolest thing :)