July 5, 2011

How We Celebrated Freedom

We are blessed not only to live in a country where freedoms abound, but where the land itself is something remarkable to behold.With sights such as these, it's no wonder people traveled in search of a promised land, and then gave their all to preserve and protect it.  And for our family, we fully enjoyed it.

We celebrated the fourth of July by stirring from our beds before the sun rose and traveled to the mountain majesties for a day of fishing at Co-op Creek. And when the fishing didn't prove successful (for us, at least), the boys turned to rock throwing and bug collecting, and I sat comfortably in my chair listening to the sound of the creek gushing into the lake and feeling the sun on my face and arms.  It was a good, peaceful feeling, and it made me feel grateful to live in this blessed and beautiful land.

This post authored by Amber

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Karen said...

Oh my goodness you've been on a blog rampage! Did you do all these posts in one day? You have been a busy family by the looks of things. How in the world did we miss the Star Wars hot air balloons and characters? I dare not show the boys these pictures or I'll be in serious trouble with them. How fun!