July 5, 2011

Play Ball!

To fully enjoy this photo, click to enlarge to see the look on Brevin's face.  Priceless! 

Summer got off to a running start....literally.  We ran from here to there to get boys (and Jason who was a coach for the T-ball team and an assistant coach for the coach-pitch team) to ball games that were nearly every day of the week.  Miraculously, there was only one game that was played simultaneously during the whole season.

Though it sounds crazy to try and have two boys involved in a sport at once, it was really fun to watch games as a family and support each other.  It was also amazing to witness the improvement in the boys' skills from the beginning to end of the season.  And, holy cow!  Now June is over! 

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Heather said...

Seriously, what a whirlwind month, and we only have one boy involved in it!