July 5, 2011

Four Months. Five Months. What's the Difference?

Can you see it?  These pictures were taken one month apart from each other (Ella is four months-old on the left and five on the right). According to her doctor check-up at four months, she was slacking when it came to weight gain and head growth.  Height was a different story.  What can I say?  She is tall and skinny with a little head (that sounds like Daddy's genetic pattern).  And while I don't have official measurements to confirm her five month's growth, these pictures seem to indicate a similar trend. Even with the addition of solid foods to her diet, Ella is a lightweight.  That's okay, though.  At least she's happy (and still fits into her baby sling).

Ella at Four Months:  She recognizes faces and responds, especially to Mom.  She has started to reach for and grab at things.  She is beginning to babble lots more in efforts to communicate.  She can roll from her stomach to her back and she can sit pretty well with the support of her Bumbo chair.

  Ella at Five Months: She has been introduced to solid foods and seems to like them.  She will scream between spoonfuls if you do not shovel the food in quick enough for her liking.  She can roll from her back to her front as well, now.  She effectively reaches for objects and brings them to her mouth (I love it when babies learn to do that with their pacifier!), and she loves to talk, talk, talk.  She seems to have a pretty easy-going disposition and is a trooper when it comes to being "man-handled" by her brothers (who are all pretty smitten with her). She appears to know and respond to her name.  She will interact well with anyone, but she has begun to show a definite preference to Mommy when it comes to being put to sleep.

This post authored by Amber


Karen said...

Watching that little peanut of yours has made me more baby hungry than anything else. Not even buying girl clothes, dresser shopping, setting up her cute room...nothing. Just little Ella looking like the sweetest little bug around. She is the cutest baby! And it's ok if she's on the small end. It just means she's cute and little, longer.

Heather said...

So stinking cute. I am definitely ready for another cutie of my own! What a doll she is!