August 24, 2011

Brevin, Birthday, & Basketball

The final birthday during the calendar year for our family falls to Brevin.  He patiently waited (and anticipated) through all other celebrations, talking about his expectations for his own special day.  I hope we did not disappoint him.  Of course, nearly everything was at his own request, so I think we did okay. 

Brevin's Friend Party

These were the tickets given as invitations to the event.  Thanks to the magic of Photoshop,
Brevin can posterize people just as well as Jimmer Fredette can.

Jason was kind enough to don his referee duds and make the calls for the three-on-three basketball game.


Though Brevin often hails me as being "such a creative mom" I will say right now, I am not.  I am a hard-working mom who feeds off of other creative people who are kind enough to post their brilliant ideas on the worldwide web. Take this awesome cake idea, for example. (Man, I love Google!)

These are all of the players who took part in the game (well, except Garrett) and followed it up with a hot dog lunch, courtesy of the referee. I  am sure parents were thrilled to receive their sweaty, stinky boys back home after the party.  These kids went all out and played a hard-core basketball game. 

Brevin's Family Birthday Party

As cool as the three-dimensional cake was, I was not about to make it a second time, so for
cake and ice-cream with extended family, we resorted to a plain basketball cake.


After presents were opened, the year-in-review video viewed, and the family crowds had gone home,
we had a special fireworks show in honor of Brevin's birthday and Utah's Pioneer Day. 

Brevin's Ninth Birthday

On the actual morning of his special day, Brevin wanted orange, basketball pancakes. 
 (I think, by this time, I had exhausted my supply of orange food color.)


The day was wrapped-up with dinner at the restaurant of Brevin's choice, Red Lobster. It seems like only yesterday he was choosing McDonald's or Chuck E. Cheese's.  I guess having your kids grow up isn't all bad!

Besides enjoying the sport of basketball (which is glaringly apparent from this post), Brevin has an impressive resume of talents and abilities.  (How else would you expect me to feel about my own child, right?)  But the thing I love most about Brevin is his passion and commitment to whatever he is involved in.  He isn't the best at everything he does, and I don't need him to be.  He does give everything his all, nothing half-hearted. That is what makes him so extraordinary, and that's what makes me most proud to be his mother.  I love you, my Brevy-boy!       

This post authored by Amber


The Fears said...

Once again the bday party is a hit and another awesome idea. Is that a blue bumbo seat little Ella is sitting in? we need to trade I have a pink for my boy and you have a blue for your girl.....What they don't know yet won't hurt them. until they look at the pictures when they are older and say, what you put me in a pink seat mom. your crazy!!

Liz Adams said...

I don't know that there is anyone in the world that celebrates holidays and bdays as great as you! It's my inspiration!

Cheryl Savage said...

Amber, you are amazing. Everything for Brevin's party was so dang cute.

Joy said...

Ah, your boys have the best mom ever. I love the basketball ticket-style invitation. Hilarious with the Photoshopped Brevin! I agree with Liz's comment above; your thorough birthday celebrating always makes me want to go all out next time around!