August 31, 2011

Catching Dragonflies

Thanks to their older cousin, Rachel, Brevin and Spencer have a bit of an interest in entomology.  On summer evenings, they arm themselves with nets in attempts to swipe at the elusive dragonflies that buzz our home.  On this occasion, Grandpa Park even tried his hand at collecting, but Brevin was the only one who nabbed three out of the air.

Brevin and Spencer swiped simultaneously and got some pretty good air (just no dragonflies).

Jason goes for the ones well out of reach.  They end up well out of his net, too.

Brevin managed to hit this dragonfly with the edge of the net, stunning it.
That allowed us to get pictures of the dragonfly being held.

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Joy said...

You captured some great shots! Especially the one of Jason way up in the air! So great. The neighbors must see your family out there & chuckle to themselves. ;)