August 31, 2011

Primarily Pioneers

Our Primary organized a Pioneer Day activity with stick pulling, tug-of-warring, butter making, horse and buggy riding, and rope bridge crossing.  It concluded with a Pioneer Day children's parade, and was a great success and a lot of fun for the participants.  Brevin and I dressed up for the occasion.  (Spencer had an asthma attack and opted to stay home.)  I managed to get some pictures that I thought were worthy of sharing.

Most children left the activity feeling grateful that they didn't have to work (or play) as hard as the pioneers did.  Even so, Brevin makes a cute little pioneer, doesn't he?

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Joy said...

Love the clever post title! The Brevin photos are outstanding! It was a great activity. Too bad we can't have more than 1 primary activity per year or whatever the new guidelines are. I heard we had you to thank for the homemade bread snack!!