August 31, 2011

Well, It's About Dang Time!

Two months have passed without any mention of Ella's development.  (Isn't it bad enough that she will never have a scrapbook or detailed chart of when certain teeth came in and when they fell out?) I guess I feel too safe in saying, "Oh, I can blog about it tomorrow." Suddenly, I realize just how many "tomorrows" have stacked up and magically turned into "yesterdays" with the task left undone.  I feel a bit in a daze as I turn another calender page over and wonder Where the heck did that month go?  Well, before my memory of the details fails me completely, here is what can be said for the passage of time:

Ella at Six Months

We learned at her doctor appointment that Ella still falls into the 10th percentile for weight and 5th for head circumference.  All this despite moving up to two solid meals per day. She's holding her place at 65th percentile for height, however. 

Small, though she may be, she shows a consistent growth pattern and she demonstrates all of the usual developmental activity for a child her age, so no one seems too alarmed by her petite physic.  She is very attentive to her surroundings and responsive to people.  She loves looking at faces and smiling back at people.  She laughs a lot now, too.  She hates having her legs and head touch the ground when placed on her back, and has gotten very good at holding an insane, ab-crunching position for a long period of time.  She recognizes her name, she rolls over in both directions, and she makes a lot of babbling noises.  Jason is thrilled that her first, very distinctive sound combination is "da-da" (or more accurately "da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da..."), but I can still claim the number-one spot in her heart, because she is definitely a "mama's girl."

Ella at Seven Months

While I don't have weights and measurements to prove it, Ella seems to continue her trend of being on the smaller size.  She is up to three meals a day, and it is much easier to feed her now that she no longer thrusts her tongue.  Her hair is long enough to put a curler in it, so she is often sporting a "wave" atop her head garnished with a flower.  Her first tooth erupted on August 20th (bottom right),  and all she had to show for the teething process was a week-long runny nose and a little bit of diarrhea (is that even a teething symptom?). She likes to donkey-kick when she wakes up in her crib and uses that as a means to turn on her music box.  She has added a "bwah" to her vocabulary, and it is so fun to hear her chattering.

As you can see from the pictures, it is much harder to get a still photograph of Ella with her doll.  She kicks and plays and reaches to pull everything toward her.  She is now sitting independently, so we will move to the miniature rocking chair for the next monthly photos.

Until next time, Ella-girl!  (Hopefully it won't be in two more months....but it likely will be.)

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CJ said...

Reminds me, I better get to blogging... What have I been doing?

The Fears said...

oh she is so cute and petite. The moving stage is great to take pictures uh. =) At this point we take 50 pics just to get one good one.