August 31, 2011

Another Trip to Washington Lake

As we had done  last year, we decided to plan a family camping trip to the Uintas as a final opportunity to enjoy as much of the summer vacation as possible.  And just as we had done last year, we went to Washington Lake.  But unlike last year, there was more water than we had ever seen in the lake and the shores the boys had  fished from were completely submerged. We were also able to spend time with Greg and Tilly's family and Grandpa Park this year. 

Everything was lush, the air was cool and pleasant, and the fishing was fantastic. (Although I will say the mosquitoes and horseflies were a little out of control.)  This place will always hold special memories for me, and I will always look forward to adding to them.

 We have a picture of Brevin and Spencer standing on this same tree stump some five
years ago when we were at this campsite.  This year Grandpa Park  stayed in that spot.

I'm always a bit nervous to see how a new baby will take to camping,
but Ella looks pretty content, don't ya think?  She did fantastic!

Having his own fishing pole made all the difference for Spencer. 
He can cast like a real pro.  He also brought in five fish just using a fly.

Brevin was on a fishing hot streak, too.  He caught eight during the trip.

Garrett loved throwing rocks into the water, climbing, exploring, riding
his tricycle around camp, and hanging out with his cousin, Coulter.

This turned out to be the most difficult photograph to take due to the number
 of children involved.  Not to mention all the hats making it hard to see faces and
the fact that half are sitting in the shade while half are not.  I must have taken 
close to twenty pictures before I got one to turn out...sort of.

What can I say?  I love this picture taken at Upper Provo Falls.

 This one just might make the family calendar next year.

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The Fears said...

So fun. That looks like a nice place to camp. I love the family photo. turned out great. Cute family you two