March 27, 2012

Spring Has Brought Me Such a Nice Surprise

My magnolia bush has blossomed.  Isn't that fabulous!  The little buds emerge as a teaser and let me know that Spring is a bit closer, and at the first sign of balmy weather, they seem to explode with excitement to announce the season's arrival. 

Utah weather can be temperamental in Spring, so I've learned to take pictures while I can.  For all I know, a snow storm will come and dump on my pretty little blossoms (or wind will scatter the petals across my lawn).

And if you've driven by and paused to admire our lovely landscaping, you should know that Jason is primarily responsible for our home's curb appeal.  He did have some extra help this year when it came to pulling weeds and adding fresh compost to the flower beds, though.  Garrett got quite engrossed in the project.  He had to keep reminding me, "Mom, I'm too busy for taking pictures."

I took them anyway.

 This post authored by Amber


Joy said...

I love seeing a little boy hard at work with his dad. Such a precious sequence of pictures! I laughed at his quote, that he was too busy for pictures! Your yard is always looking beautiful.

Mandy said...

Could you send Garrett to my house? I could use a little help pulling weeds.