March 19, 2012

The Switch

Garrett has been resistant to the idea of potty training, and so we have not really forced the issue. (If you know how strong-willed Garrett can be, you will understand why some battles are not for the picking!)  We've only made suggestions to his subconscious by placing underwear in his drawer next to his diapers and occasionally asking him if he would like to try using the toilet.  He wasn't interested...until about a month ago.

He would use the toilet on  rare occasions, so I made a chart to track his progress with stickers and prizes, but nothing seemed to be an incentive worthy to motivate him completely.  He just did things the way he wanted when he wanted, and I got real good at reapplying a diaper on a standing child after he had done his business. We began to see some promising signs in the form of dry diapers upon Garrett's waking and even throughout the day, though. Still, he was not fully committed to switching to underwear...until about a week ago. 

That was it.  Garrett just decided he wanted to wear underwear, seemingly out of the blue.  Well, once he decided to go ahead, I knew there was no turning back. 

The first two days necessitated emergency laundry loads due to several accidents.  I guess that's "par for the course" when it comes to potty training.  After only a few poops in the underwear, he has decided that it is better to do that in the toilet, thankfully.  Nights have all been dry so far, so I think he's doing pretty well.  In fact, this whole potty training thing hasn't been quite as horrible as I remember, but then again, we are only a week in.

At any rate, we think he looks pretty cool in his new duds!

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