March 2, 2012

For Sentimental Reasons

There are just some things that have to be done on Valentine's day.  We have to have pink, heart-shaped pancakes with strawberry syrup (I have been eating those every Valentine's since I was a child), we have to make pink, heart-shaped rice krispy treats to take to teachers (I even use the same pans that belonged to my mother), and we have to eat a heart-shaped pizza for dinner.  All other details are negotiable.

Barely a year old, and she's already getting heart-shaped boxes filled with
chocolates from a boy.  Well, they were from Dad, so I guess it's alright.

This Valentine's day marked fifteen years since Jason gave me
an engagement ring. To mark the occasion, he found this
lovely photograph of the temple we were sealed in to give to me.
I was just as romantic (not!) and gave him cologne that he had
picked out and even bought for himself.

There are just some things that have to be done on a day other than Valentine's day. Jason has to take me out to dinner so we are not competing with the holiday crowds (this year we chose Chili's restaurant), the boys have to sign Valentine's cards for the children in their classes, and I have to listen to Nat King Cole's Greatest hits every day during the entire week previous. All other details are negotiable.

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