March 8, 2012

Another Sports Season, Another Blog Post

Brevin recently wrapped up his first basketball season with the city recreation league.  His games were held during the months of January and February, and were played at Cherry Creek Elementary school (in the gym that was formerly part of the old Junior High).  His group was comprised of teams of boys in the third and fourth grades, Brevin's team being the Pacers.  Jason was the coach, so that made for some great father/son bonding as well.

While I don't believe he had as much fun as he did playing flag football, it was very clear that Brevin had skills in the sport of basketball that made him very fun to watch.  Yes, his dribbling, passing, and shooting require a bit of refinement, but he demonstrated a quick response to changes in ball possession and really hustled on the court to be the first to set-up for defense or offense.  Because he was always aware of the ball movement, he was frequently open to take a shot.  That improved his chances of making them, and he had his fair share of baskets for the season.  He also got a few baskets off the fast break.

It was a really fantastic season.  Now on to baseball.

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Joy said...

You guys are definitely an athletic family! Helps everyone stay out of trouble. ;-) good job Brevin! Pace has been impressed with him in their primary class. Brevin is always willing to accept a challenge and follow through with it. That is an invaluable skill!