March 27, 2012

Moms, Muffins, and Math

On Friday, I was invited to attend school with Brevin to eat a muffin and watch him as he worked to complete a math worksheet.  (I'm glad that he didn't need my help.  Math has never been my forte.)

I felt a little dorky because I seemed to be the only mom who brought a camera along, but then I handed it off to someone, and she captured one of the few images in which I appear with my child.  I won't mind being conspicuous for a moment if it means I get to have a picture like that to remind me of the marvelous, day-to-day moments I get to have with my children.

Oh, and Brevin totally rocks at math--a skill he clearly did not inherit from me.

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Joy said...

You look adorable in that picture with Brevin! I don't know why it's so embarrassing to assert yourself as a mom and ask someone to take a picture with you & your child. But I feel exactly the same way about it & hardly ever have myself in any pictures! Anyway, it is great that the school has such fun events!