March 2, 2012


Since the beginning of the school year, Brevin and Spencer have been dropped off at the school a half-hour early every Tuesday to take part in chess club.  Both have really enjoyed the experience, and they have learned quite a few strategies for playing the game.  They recently had an opportunity to put their new skills to the test at the district-wide chess tournament.

The tournament was a new experience for all of us, and Jason and I had no idea how fun it would be to observe.  It was held on a Saturday morning at a local elementary school.  Children were called into classrooms to compete against other students in their same grade for a total of six rounds.  Once a round was finished, the students would go and wait in the cafeteria until they were called back to the classrooms for another round.  (Even though they had been playing chess from 8:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the boys wanted to play more as soon as they got home. Love it!) 

In his six rounds, Brevin won one match, had three stalemates, and lost two matches, giving him a total score of 2.5 points. Not too shabby for his first tournament, I'd say!  He competed in the largest grade group and was awarded a medal for participation.

Spencer won three matches and lost three, giving him a score of 3 points.  He was pleased to learn that it was enough to finish in 9th place overall for his grade.  He received a trophy for his first-time efforts.

Because Brevin's group was the last to finish, we were still at the school when the final totals came in and Art City Elementary School was named 1st place overall in the competition.  Brevin and Spencer were ecstatic to go up on stage with the other students to celebrate and hoist up the large trophy. 

I am sincerely grateful to those who organized this huge event, and for the adults who volunteer weekly with the school's club. Each has allowed Brevin and Spencer and invaluable opportunity to learn and appreciate the game of chess.

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Joy said...

Check out that trophy! How awesome. I never would have guessed that chess would be so popular at the elementary school. That is impressive!