December 22, 2008

Snowmen at Night

Last Friday was shaping out to be one of those days where, in desperation, I surrendered to the need to fix pancakes for dinner. Yes, "breakfast for dinner" is turning out to be a popular standby lately (we do it more than I would like to admit). But this time I gave it a twist to bring back that feeling of novelty to the practice. Feeling a bit inspired by the several snowstorms of late, I fashioned snowmen pancakes with separate hats and scarfs. Everyone got to add their own chocolate-chip accessories (notice the excessive amount of buttons on Brevin's snowman). I felt the final product was picture (and blog) worthy.

For a bedtime story, the boys wanted to read this darling book:

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Heather said...

Thanks for the great idea! Harrison has been wanting some kind of festive pancake. He keeps asking for ornaments, which if you think about it, aren't much different than regular circular pankcakes. He'll eat the snowman pankcake right up (pardon the pun :) )!

Mandy said...

Truly, you are Supermom.

CJ said...

I LOVE the hat and scarf! You are so awesome! Breakfast for dinner is big at this house. Sometimes it drives Darren a little crazy, but food is food! Merry Christmas!