December 17, 2008

A Favorite Age and Stage

There is just something wonderful about a seven-month-old baby! With all of my children, it has been one of my favorite developmental stages. Is it because baby begins to sleep better through the night? Perhaps. Almost everything is more enjoyable when your sleep becomes less fragmented and more consolidated. Maybe it is the increased expressive nature of the baby without the loss of the adorable baby face appearance that makes seven months ideal, or it could be the fact that they finally master sitting upright, allowing for a new view of their world that can be discovered on a more independent level. Here's the key, though: they are still not mobile enough to make you overly cautious about their exploits or give you "a run for your money" (whatever that is supposed to mean. I'm always chasing after boys, and there is rarely any money involved)! At any rate, maybe this is the real reason for my delight:

I mean, really--what's not to love about a face like that!

This post authored by Amber


Julie said...

Amber, he is so adorable! What a bright-eyed little guy!!

Joy said...

You're the cutest mom. I've noticed that as you escort one of your boys out of sacrament meeting (usually Garrett), you have a smile on your face rather than a frown or grimace. I can tell that you choose to enjoy motherhood and I appreciate your example!

Mandy said...

You are right. That kid belongs in a Gap ad.

CJ said...

He is such a sweetie, and all Spencer can talk about in preschool is what Garrett is doing. He likes to know that his baby brother is doing so much more than Audrey's. It is all done politely, so don't worry. What's not to love about a cute face like that?