December 17, 2008

A Party for Sophie

Last weekend was completely jam-packed with family activities (as you will shortly see with numerous posts forthcoming), one of which was Sophie's third birthday party.

We had traveled to Farr West Friday evening for a professional photography session followed by a briefing and power point presentation by my father on the details concerning Brad's plane accident. Our discussion of the crash took us well into the night--well, I guess I should say morning, since it was after midnight before we made the one and a half-hour drive home.

We turned around and came back the next day, through a pretty hefty snowstorm, so we could celebrate Sophie's "Dora, Princess, Airplane" party. It was frosty outside, but in the house was a warm bustling of activity paired with delightful conversation and delectable food. And yes, the cupcakes were as delicious as they were beautiful!

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