December 31, 2008

Not Quite Child Abuse

Despite what it looks like, the children all had a great time sledding at Big Hollow Park on the 27th. This activity was the precursor to the "family orchard" dip party that we held at our house in celebration of Christmas. I didn't get to go sledding, but my brother, Lance, got some great pictures that helped make me feel like I was a part of all the excitement. And, like I said earlier, everyone said they had a great time. After all, they were there for an hour and a half. We're just fortunate that nobody had to visit the emergency room!

This post authored by Amber


Heather said...

Okay, that has got to be the best sledding picture I've seen!

Pickle said...

Wow! Now I see why you were glad no trip to the ER, that was some serious sledding!

Mandy said...

Wow, what brave boys!