December 1, 2008

It's Official!

Jason has completed training, purchased his uniform, and is now qualified to referee High School basketball games. His first game was in Payson on Tuesday of last week. Most of the games he will be scheduled to work will be for freshman, sophomore, and junior varsity levels, and he'll also referee some recreational league play. Scheduling is pretty flexible and he chooses which days to make available for working. This will be something fun and physical for him to do during the next three months. At any rate, it will serve as a suitable replacement for all the officiating he did with his church sports callings (that he no longer has).

This post authored by Amber


Pickle said...

Sweet, we could have used his help in the dodge ball! Maybe next year.

Amy said...

Jason..don't let the whistle go to your head!! Way to make it to the H.S. level.