December 17, 2008

Grandma's Christmas Boxes

Grandma Park started a holiday tradition some years ago when she bought an advent gift box with 25 small drawers. Originally the boxes were used to hold small gifts that were taken out each day until Christmas, but it has evolved into a treasure hunt of sorts for the grand kids. Each child has three random drawers assigned to them. They look on a chart that has their name listed along with the three numbers. They cover a number with a sticker, then open the corresponding drawer. Inside the drawer is a piece of paper with another number that matches a number on a gift that they can unwrap. This is to facilitate the need for gifts that are always larger than the box can hold. While it may seem simpler to go right to the gift, the children love the traditional routine of opening the small boxes to see what's inside...and they love the gifts as well!

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Pickle said...

Cute tradition. Thank you for your VERY CUTE paper card and gift. The kids loved the little loaf of bread with sparkly spicy juice!