July 8, 2012

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Since we are nearly half-way through the summer, I thought it might be a good idea to finally post pictures of some of our family's activities.  There's been plenty to keep us occupied, that's for sure.  I'm glad for the many resources available that have allowed us to make sure we squeeze the most fun out of each and every "lazy" day of the summer vacation. Here are just a few of the things we've been able to accomplish:

Memorial Day

Our summer got off to a running start with Memorial day celebrations.  We visited the cemetery in Provo to pay tribute to some of our loved ones who have gone before us.  The day was brought to a nice conclusion with a weenie roast over Grandpa Park's fire pit and some sampling of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Bicycle Riding
Once the temperatures finally warmed, we found a great past time in the form of bike riding.  The church parking lot is a perfect, close location where Garrett can practice with his upright bike and training wheels.  With some improvement, he may soon be ready to take on the ride up Hobble Creek canyon.

National Doughnut Day

(So glad our neighbors "tipped us off" on this one.) June first is National Doughnut day.  To celebrate, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts offered each customer who came in a free doughnut of choice.  They also run a promotion through the summer where students who bring in a report card can get a half-dozen box of glazed doughnuts for free.  We purchased an additional box of mixed doughnuts, and so we enjoyed doughnuts for breakfast for just about the entire first week of June.  Yeah, we were in sugar-overloaded heaven!

Fat Cats Bowling

Brevin and Spencer received free bowling passes for reading in the school's "Road to Success" program.  They also earned free kids meals to Costa Vida.  Combine all that free goodness with a $1.00 per game and shoe rental before 5:00 p.m. summer promotion, and you've got the perfect makings for a Friday night family date.

Ella didn't bowl, but she sure enjoyed cheering us all on.

Springville Library Summer Reading Programs

Our library is super fantastic.  They offer special story time activities and snacks during the summer months and provide children with goal calendars with prize incentives for reading.  The children have launched rockets, played Renaissance games, viewed puppet shows, made dream catchers, flown paper bats, and learned how to make shadow puppets.  Stories are read and books are recommended, and I leave carrying a bag full of books for weekly check-out.  (I do not have any photos due to my already cumbersome load of stroller and aforementioned bag of books.  Adding a camera bag would be nearly impossible.)  I canot express how much I love our library programs!

NuSkin "Force For Good" Day

Each year Jason's company sponsors a huge service project for employees to take part in.  This year, families were invited to assist in putting together packages with books and snacks for people in need. Those too young to participate in the service project could play in a room that was supplied with games and activities.  Afterward, we all enjoyed a barbecue lunch.  Jason is fortunate to be a part of such a remarkable company.

The Grotto Trail

Not far up the Nebo Loop is the trail head for the Grotto.  It is a family friendly hike that leads to a small cove with a waterfall.  We were fortunate to have the Olson family along with us on our hike this time.  With eight boys and Ella in tow, we were quite the hiking group.

Kite Flying

We've had very little reason to pull out our dragon kite this year, so when a significant windstorm finally hit, we succumbed to the insistent pleadings of Garrett to take the kite off the shelf and let that baby stretch its wings.  A quick little jaunt to the nearby park and we had quite the time flying and chasing the dragon.

Spanish Fork: Movies and a Splash Pad

The Olsons were kind enough to invite me and the children to the Spanish Fork theater where dollar movies are playing throughout the summer and concessions are quite reasonable.  It proved to be a wonderfully motivating activity for the boys to work to earn the privilege of going to see Despicable Me on the big screen with some popcorn, soda, and candy.  And to sweeten the deal, we took them to play in the splash pad and its adjacent park afterward.  


Playing with Friends

Sometimes it's the simplest things that make a summer so enjoyable.  No plans.  No destinations.  Just a phone call to a friend and an invitation to come and play.  We've been so lucky that many of Brevin's friends have siblings that are also friends with Spencer.  Andrew and Nathan are often ready for a light saber duel or spell battle with wands.  They are also content to challenge the boys in various Wii games.  Victoria and Jocelyn like to play sardines and team chess.  I get a kick out of the elaborate scenes from Harry Potter that are often acted out when Amanda is over.  Nathan and Ryan are competitors who enjoy water fighting. 

Forts have been constructed, every possible hiding place in our house has been exhausted, and more macaroni and cheese has been consumed than I would like to admit, but, boy!  It sure has been fun. 

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Amber I love to read about your family and all the things you do. Knowing you and your kids makes it even sweeter!