July 23, 2012

Fifteen Years

June 25th marked fifteen years since Jason and I were married.  It also signified the start of our family, and so we celebrated together with our children by taking a hike to Stuart Falls the Saturday before.

We fueled ourselves beforehand with a quick bite to eat at Burgers Supreme, then it was a short jaunt up Provo canyon to the trail head.  The hike was a moderate challenge that was made more difficult with hot, dry temperatures, but we were rewarded with a cooling mist from the falls upon our arrival.

Once again I feel ashamed to admit that I have lived so close to such a lovely destination without having ever been there before.  (I'm thinking I might need to create a "bucket list" of places I need to see that I should have already seen by now.)

After the hike, we stopped and got a shaved ice then it was back home for popcorn and a movie, Thor

On the day of our anniversary, Jason's parents were kind to watch the children so he and I could enjoy an evening alone together.  We ate dinner at Red Lobster then went to University Mall to do a little bit of shopping to pick out some anniversary gifts together.  We splurged and got a Ninja blender, and now we are making fruit and vegetable smoothies to our hearts content. 

So, with smoothie in hand, I raise a toast to the next fifteen years of marriage. I'm looking forward to it!

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