July 23, 2012

An Overnighter At Strawberry

After making sure our tent trailer was in working condition for the camping season, we took the family for an overnight stay near Strawberry reservoir.  We had the good fortune of sharing a campsite with Jason's family as well, and the children enjoyed themselves immensely while riding Grandpa's four-wheelers and playing with cousins around camp.

Ella managed to get dirtier than dirt in the brief hours that we were there (she also got her first taste of dry dog food), but she was still rockin' the Spiderman sunglasses.

Garrett looked like a bobble-head with the helmet on.  Don't ask me how anyone could fall asleep on a four-wheeler ride, but he managed to do it twice.

We had a BB gun range set up with a string of soda cans,

the kids built puzzles and forts,

a tree swing was discovered and fully utilized,

marshmallows were cooked to perfection over the campfire for s'mores,

wildlife shared our living quarters,

some excavating took place outside our trailer door,

and, as I mentioned earlier, we did some four-wheeling. 

Yep.  We had fun.

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