July 23, 2012

Not All Heroes Wear Capes...

...especially if Edna from The Incredibles has anything to do with it ("No capes!").

We have one of those cape-less wonders in our home, so it was nice to spend a day to honor his daily acts of heroism.

You know something special must be going on if I'm up and making breakfast in the morning.  For Jason's Father's day treat, we had pumpkin waffles with buttermilk syrup.  I threw in some fresh fruit so that there would at least be something remotely healthy on the menu.

Once we ate our breakfast, the children couldn't wait to give Jason his gifts which included a hero care package.  I think they just couldn't wait to share his treats with him.

Here is a closer look at the contents of the package.  (Can you believe someone would be generous enough to put all these cute labels online for the printing?  You can find them here.)  I only added the hero and sidekick uniform tag to adorn the box that had every one's matching ties inside.

Here's our hero with his sidekicks, although I think Spencer is making a face that seems more suited to being a crazed villain:

Well, he's off to save the day!

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