July 17, 2012

Going, Going, Gone

The title of this post accurately sums up my feelings about the past baseball season.  As a family, we were going, going, going from one game/practice to another all through the month of June.  And then, just like that, the month was gone and the season was over.  It was kind of an abrupt (although welcomed) ending to the sport season.

Jason volunteered to coach Spencer's coach-pitch team, the Rays.  All the practicing at home with Dad seemed to give Spencer a slight advantage when it came to batting.  Jason knew where to put the ball just right for Spencer, and he'd send it into the outfield more often than not.  He's a pretty good little hitter.

Brevin participated in the Mustang league for his first time this year. His team was the Diamond Backs.  It was our first experience as spectators of games where the boys do all the pitching.  The games are more drawn out and the play action is sparse. More often than not, it all came down to whether the pitcher was on target with the catcher and which team managed to steal the most bases.  I will say, I was pleased to see that Brevin would take swings at the balls that looked good, and didn't just wait around for the pitcher to walk him to a base.  He was able to get in a few good hits for the season, too.  During the final practices and games, he even tried his hand at catching.  He really liked that.

And by the end of the season, I was really good at pushing a fully loaded stroller (with baby, camp chairs, diaper bag, camera, snacks, etc.) from the parking lot, through the grass, and to the field.

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