June 12, 2012

A Medical Update on "The Littles"

Wednesday, May 23rd was the scheduled date for Garrett's cast removal.  On the Sunday prior, Jason and I had slept in a bit.  When Jason got up, he went into the kitchen to find Garrett trying to hide half of his body behind the wall.  "Go back to bed, Dad!"  Garrett instructed.  "Go back to bed!" 

It turns out, Garrett was trying to conceal his BARE left arm.  He had pulled his cast completely off and hid it under the blankets of his bed.  Together, Jason and Garrett struggled to get it back on.  They had to cut a new hole in the gauze for the fingers to fit through.  After all the excessive manipulation, it was an embarrassing mess of a cast.

Jason and I figured we might as well call the office on Monday to see if it was actually necessary to take him in on Wednesday.  We could just pull the cast off again and save us the co-pay and office visit bill.  We just told them that the cast was slipping a bit.  We didn't divulge that it had come completely off.  They asked us to come in right away to have the cast removed and have x-rays taken.  I guess it was a good thing we went in, because we left with the assurance that the fracture had healed perfectly and with a new prescription to be filled for the extreme eczema that had developed on his arm.  I also left with a handful of pictures that I think are hilarious, given the circumstances.  The doctor and nurse went to great lengths to carefully cut through the cast with a radial saw and pry it open with special tools.  I wondered Should I just tell them that Garrett can just slip that thing off?  

I can't help but giggle every time I look at these pictures:

As for Ella's finger, well, I've decided that she's my little gecko.  I had an appointment with the hand specialist on Thursday, May 24th.  After he looked at her hand and explained what treatment had been given at the ER to an intern, he informed me that the reattached tip and nail could be expected to fall off soon and reveal fresh, pink skin.  He then said, "There's no reason for you to come in again.  Everything looks great."

The tip and nail fell off that very evening, and we were all amazed to see it for ourselves.  Not only was there fresh, pink skin, but a new nail had begun to develop.

I can't help but be amazed every time I look at this picture:

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Liz Adams said...

I can't believe he got his cast off! That is crazy!