June 4, 2012

"Like A Fire is Burning"

When the news broke that the Provo Tabernacle had caught fire and was essentially destroyed except for the outer facade, we were greatly saddened.

It was in that building that we attended a Stake conference where Dieter F. Uchtdorf, then a member of the Seventy, helped to reorganize the Stake presidency of which Jason's father was called to be a counselor. Jason had played in concerts there, and it was even the location of his Seminary graduation.  I remember siting in the balcony next to my mother as she broke into proud tears when my sister, Cheryl, walked across the stage to receive her BYU diploma, looked up, and mouthed the words, "Thanks, Mom!"  Those are special memories tied to a special place.  It was disappointing to see what had become of the building.

Now imagine our excitement to hear President Monson announce that in restoring the site the grounds would be converted into a temple!  Not long after the announcement in General Conference, someone made a huge banner and draped it on the fence outside of the tabernacle that read, "Oh, Happy Day!"  I couldn't agree more with that sentiment.

And speaking of happy days, Jason got tickets to attend the groundbreaking ceremony that would commence the construction/restoration project.  He took Brevin and Spencer with him, and they had the unique opportunity of seeing Elder Holland up close, witness a historical occasion, and even turn some of the ground with the shovels.  Oh, happy day, indeed! We now look forward to creating new special memories tied to that special place.   

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Heather Child said...

What a memorable experience for them! We are all so lucky that we get to have that historic building as our new temple! Hopefully Crag's company will get to do the work on it, making it even more special!