November 20, 2011

Train Up a Child

You may know that Jason is an artistic master when using a carving knife and a canvas of pumpkin flesh. Here are some past examples of what I am referring to. (I must be really good at cleaning out the pumpkin guts, because that job has fallen exclusively to me for the past few years.)

This year, we decided that it was the boys' turn to select their pattern of fancy, wield their own carving tools, and create their own masterpieces.  I must say, Jason and I were pleasantly surprised at how well each of them did.  Pretty soon, they'll be taking over Jason's job.  (Now, if only I could be as affective at training them to take over mine!)

Brevin's Work
Of course, there were a few pointers from Dad.

Although not entirely shown in this photo, Brevin's
 tongue was working as furiously as he was.

The final result was quite impressive, I have to say.

Spencer's Work
He looks thrilled to be doing this on his own.

I loved Spencer's reaction when he cut through his
first big section.  He seemed so surprised that his efforts
caused a large chunk of pumpkin to fall out.

Not too shabby, Spencer!

Garrett's Work
No pattern necessary for this free-hand artist.

Like Brevin, Garret's tongue was in constant motion
as he mutilated--uh, I mean--carved his pumpkin.

Hmm...was it such a good idea to put a knife into
the hands of a three year-old who looks as crazed as this?

Ella's Work
Not to be left out, Ella used her teeth to
make her marks on this little pumpkin.

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