November 21, 2011

Ten Months May Sound Like A Long Time, But It's Really Just Equivalent to a Blink of an Eye

I know it seems like it was only yesterday when I last posted about Ella's development ('cause it kinda was), but to me it seems like just yesterday I was feeling like nine months of pregnancy was an eternity.  So how did ten months fly by in super sonic speed when the nine months prior to that lagged?  I guess there's the old adage that "time flies while you're having fun" and that really makes sense when I consider how fun it is to have Ella around.

Ella at Ten Months

Ella claps her hands when anyone says the word "yea."  Her babbling noises are starting to sound more like actual words.  She can climb up our flight of thirteen stairs, but she cries once she reaches the middle and realizes she's committed to finishing the task.  She is never stationary, so life is exciting (and sometimes exhausting) as we try to keep up with her constant travels.  Her balance is improving, so I think we'll see some walking soon.  She does not appear to like dogs and will blink her eyes furiously as they approach her, just before she breaks out in tears.  When she throws a fit it includes throwing her body backward and laying flat on her back as she screams, but try to lay her on her back to change her, and she wants nothing to do with it!  She dances to music and sings by making sustained squealing sounds.  Her hair is getting a little long for the mohawk curl, but as it grows longer it is developing some natural curls behind the ears and along her nape.  Ella loves to be in the bathtub and she'll try to swallow water and spit it out like Garrett. She makes the funniest faces (the kissy face and pursed lips face are my favorite) and is entertaining to watch.  And, well, I can't help but say it (because I'm her mother), but I think she is quite lovely!

Ella's not one to sit for long. This girl is rearing to go!

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Noell said...

She's getting so big! I just love her... and I love her reaction to dogs, like Jett :) It's so cute!